Meet the Captains: Golf

by Leo Charlebois

North Attleboro golf has flourished recently as a dominant force in the Hockomock league. In this 2016 season, the golf team has surged to the top of the league, improving to 4-0 after defeating a previously undefeated Milford team that was supposed to be the hardest match of the year.

The team, lead by captains Robbie Congdon and David Colasanti, feels confident in the their ability to bring home the title of Hockomock league champions. Congdon and Colasanti have put in a great amount of work to get to where they are now. Throughout the summer and the regular reason, they’ve put in a lot of time in training for this season.

The captains’ regular season practices take place at Heather Hill Country Club. This course is not considered a very elite playing field compared to the other courses around North Attleboro. When asked about the quality of Heather Hill, Colasanti said, “It’s obviously not the best place around, but we have fun there and have grown accustomed to it. Yeah that course is trash, but when you’re as good as a golfer as I am there is absolutely nothing that can stand in your way.”

In regards  to off-season training, Robbie and David separate themselves from the competition. At least twice a week, the two captains go golfing together at various courses around the area. They’re familiar with each other’s abilities and can give tips during matches to each other about how to play certain shots, or even what club to use. This tight bond between the captains displays why the team is tremendously successful.

Robbie’s passion in golf transpired at an early age. His father introduced the game to him, and they started golfing together when Robbie was only seven years old. When asked about this early aspect of his connection with golf, Robbie said, “Early on, my father recognized my love of the game and through our times golfing together I gained skill. Because of this, my passion for the sport grew even more.”

David started golfing early in his life as well. He began playing with plastic clubs and balls in his backyard when he was eight years old. As for David’s high school career, he has been a member of the golf team since freshman year. David has played in four competitive seasons so far and aspires to continue his love for the game at the college level. He hopes to carry on his career at Umass Amherst.

When asked about his future with golf, Colasanti stated, “I mean playing college golf would obviously be an amazing experience, but I am more concerned about my education as well going to a school I can also have fun at. But, if golf can fit in with those priorities that would be great.”

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