Pet of the week: Sheldon Cangiano


Photos submitted by Jamie Cangiano

by Julia Coelho

The NA First Launch would like to welcome our second Pet of the Week, Sheldon Cangiano! Senior Jamie Cangiano is the owner of this yellow and brown corn snake.

Sheldon has been a member of the Cangiano family for four  years and counting. When asked what inspired Jamie to get this unique type of pet, she stated, “I’ve always loved snakes since I was a young kid, and wanted one as a pet. I did do a lot of research on corn snakes before I bought him.”

Cangiano takes good care of her pet snake. She feeds Sheldon small rats purchased from a local PetSmart and has created a comfortable home for him. Sheldon resides in a spacious terrarium with many fake plants and a large hollow log for him to sleep in. Cangiano describes her snake’s enclosure.

“I usually keep  it [the enclosure] around 70-80 degrees to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment for Sheldon,” Cangiano explained.

For the most part, Sheldon is a friendly reptile. Corn snakes like himself aren’t known for being aggressive, proving them to be a good beginner snake.

“He is friendly, at least I think so,” Cangaino shared. “He has never bitten anyone before.”

When asked if she would ever consider getting another snake to accompany Sheldon, Cangiano admitted she can picture herself adopting another snake.

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