The AM Allie’s Donuts Craze

by Rylie Guthrie

The hype is real! This past year, there has been an early morning craze for Allie’s Donuts.

Allie’s Donuts is located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and is open from 5 AM-3 PM on the weekdays, and 6 AM-1 PM on weekends. Allie’s Donuts is closed on Mondays.

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Photo from data:text/mce-internal,content,%3Cimg%20class%3D%22alignnone%20%20wp-image-2047%22%20src%3D%22https%3A//

Before school, students at North Attleboro High School have been making the 45-minute trek to Allie’s Donuts to buy donuts and share them with their peers.

Grace McGoldrick, a senior at North Attleboro says, “The donuts are cheap and delicious and are worth the forty-five minute trip before school.”

Allie’s donuts sell out every morning as they are considered to be the best donuts in all of Rhode Island. The storefront has an old-fashioned style and all of the donut are made fresh behind the counter. Per, by the year 1984 Allie’s donuts was selling about 400 dozen donuts every day in the winter and by that summer they were selling closer to 600 to 800 dozen donuts a day.

While some students think getting these delicious donuts at 5 AM  makes for a good morning, other students find it to be nothing more than a silly fad.

Thomas Reynolds, a senior at North Attleboro High School says, “ I feel like if you are getting up at 5 in the morning to get a donut, then they should be taste a lot better than a donut at Dunkin Donuts.”

Whether it be dubbed a craze or a fad, there is no denying the hype of Allie’s donuts this year at North Attleboro High School, and it will be interesting to see if it is a trend for these high school students for years to come, or just a fad that will burn out soon.

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