Bagels and Cream

Bagels and Cream coffee

By Kaliegh Wells

Coffee and a bagel are essentials before work and school, luckily North Attleboro has a local cafe that helps us get through the mornings. Bagels and Cream is located on 585 E Washington St and is open monday through saturday from 6am to 4pm and then on sundays 6am to 3pm. They are famous around town for their homemade bagels and creamcheese and their huge variety of coffee flavors. As of right now they have their limited time seasonal flavors, such as their pumpkin bagels and muffin and their pumpkin flavored iced and hot coffee. Some of their most popular coffee flavors are their mocha-doodles and their snickerdoodles. And t
heir cinnamon sugar and their french toast bagels fly off the shelf. They also have delicious breakfast sandwiches, like the bacon egg and cheese or a ham egg and cheese.

Bagels and Cream, North Attleboro

Early mornings and the weekends are the busiest so just expect a longer line and sometimes the organization of the employees are scattered and it could take a while for you to receive your food, however the wait is worth it when you bite into a fresh bagel and sip on a flavorful coffee. Senior Hana Hershey said, “ I love going to Bagels and Cream! I always get their ham egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and  love how many different coffee flavors
they have.”  So start off your morning right by stopping by and picking up some delicious coffee and a bagel.

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