Presidential Debate Part Two

by Nick Moore

The president of the United States is the most powerful position in the entire world. With the 2016 election splitting the opinions of the country in half, the presidential debates


could put one candidate over the other based on their performances. The second debate took place on the 9th of October.

Before the debate even took place, information about Donald Trump was released which significantly hurt him in the polls. It was a video of Donald in 2005 talking to the former host of Access Hollywood Billy Bush. Mr. Trump made very vulgar remarks about women and when the video was released, he instantly lost support in the polls.

Senior at North Attleboro High School Erik Braun stated, “Someone like that definitely shouldn’t be president, but the other candidate isn’t too much better.” Donald had a chance to apologize and defend himself for these remarks at the Presidential debate which was the following day.

The debate started out with the two candidates walking out and both refusing to shake the


other candidates hand. Throughout the night, Mr. Trump was pressed with all sorts of questions about the video released of him from 2005. Donald quickly apologized about all of these remarks and claimed that it was in the past and it doesn’t show his character.  However, Hillary responded by saying that these remarks clearly show his character.

After the two candidates finished attacking each other, they both answered questions about the policies that they have been supporting since the start of the race. At the end of


the debate, they both had to answer the hardest question of the day, “Can you say something that you like about the other candidate?’ Hillary answered first and said that she “respects his kids.” She then continued to say that his kids are good people but she just doesn’t respect the man.

North Attleboro Republican Andrew Blanchette said this about Hillary’s remarks, “she danced around the question like she usually does.”

After Hillary’s response, Trump answered by saying that he respects her because she never gives up. Senior Jay Loring said that the debate was “pretty comical” and he can’t wait for the next one.

After the debate ended, the results of the winner were very swayed. A lot of people said


that Trump easily won, while at the same time people said that Hillary destroyed Trump. However,news agencies are saying that Hillary won but Trump exceeded expectations. Who will win the next debate? Tune into the next debate on October 19th and weight in your opinion.


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