Terrifying Clowns Strike the US

By Matt Reimels

Terrorism is defined as the state of fear and submission produced by terrorization. When most hear the word terrorism, they think of attacks and violence against the United States by foreigners. However, the US has recently experienced fear in a more domestic way: clowns.

This so-called “clown epidemic” has plagued the United States for about a month, bringing fear to the hearts of many citizens across the country. This trend started in South Carolina, where random clown figures would hang around public areas and creep out many people passing by.

People have reported that some clowns have attempted to lure children into secluded areas with candy, while others wander in open areas to try to cause fear in the general public. These domestic terrorists have been sighted all across the United States, including Massachusetts. Many college campuses have experienced creepy clown incidents in the past month and these problems will likely continue.

These clowns are organized to a degree, announcing their presence on a Twitter page letting everyone know where they will strike next. However, it seems as though every clown has their own intentions.

Not only do these clowns cause terror simply by their presence, but they also make threats to the public saying they will attack certain areas.

The hysteria that these clowns have caused has lead to some individuals banding together to try to stop these appearances from happening. At Pennsylvania State University, hundreds of students got together for a “clown hunt” to purge them from the campus.

Colin McKenzie, a freshman at Springfield College, stated, “we had a clown on campus this week. It was just walking around creeping everyone out but it didn’t hurt anyone.”

Although threatening, these clowns have only caused a few injuries across the United States, while many clowns have been shot and beat up by citizens.

This clown problem has sparked a hatred of clowns in the US and it has been affecting professional clowns drastically.

Many are suffering from ridicule and lack of income from this new craze. There is even a “Clown Lives Matter” page on Facebook sympathizing with professional clowns that are suffering from this hatred.

The clown epidemic has only caused problems across the US. It seems like they got sick of debating behind podiums and wanted to scare the public directly.

Creepy clowns have been scaring communities across the country. 


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