The School Magazine: Galadriel

by Angela Bullock

The North Attleboro High School literary magazine Galadriel has served as a forum for students to share their creativity for decades.

The magazine is run by Ms. O’Brien, an English teacher at NAHS and senior editors Rachel Sweeney and Madi Partington.

Any student interested in joining the magazine staff can attend the meetings in Ms. O’Brien’s room 213 on Tuesdays. Students will have to register for the club on family ID, which can be found under the Parents and Students section on

Submissions for the magazine can be directly given or emailed to Ms. O’Brien. Works that will be accepted include poetry, prose, artwork, short stories and photography. Pieces can be submitted anonymously or with the author’s name.

Everyone in the club collectively makes the decision of which submissions will be featured in the magazine at the end of the year.

Each club member will rate submissions from one to ten and will make a decision together at the end of the year after thoroughly reviewing the pieces. Typically four pieces per students are allowed. Upon making the final decision for which works will be added to the magazine, senior editor Rachel Sweeney says, “We like to pick pieces that sort of flow together and set the tone of a literary magazine.”

One complete edition of the magazine is released at the end of the school year, which can be purchased from Ms. O’Brien’s room for five dollars. Copies of last year’s edition are still available to purchase from Ms. O’Brien.

Alyssa Cohen, a senior at NAHS who regularly purchases the magazine says, “I think it is a terrific facet for students who have a passion for writing. I always look forward to reading the final edition at the end of the year. Last year while reading the magazine I noticed some really creative pieces of poetry from Meg Lewis.”

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  1. Hello, I wrote a poem and it ended up in the book Galadriel,in the early 70’s…I left it anonymous.All these years have passed and now I was wondering how to get a copy.Jane MacKenzie was on the staff,I believe.I also think it might have been at the end of the book.Some of the words were…I live in a hole ,it’s dark and it’s small.That is pretty much all I can remember.If you could direct me how to get a down load…it would be appreciated.Thank you so much.Yours truly…Arthur Mallon


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