10 Songs You Should Listen To

-Kyra Sianoimg_7948

  • “Little Black Submarines”- The Black Keys: This song, off the album El Camino, is bound to keep your interest. With the mellow start and a surprising electric guitar riff,  this song changes dramatically halfway through but it keeps the same message and tune throughout, just a little more spiced up. The change represents the main lyric “But everybody knows that a broken heart is blind”, by showing that at first a broken heart can be sad and quiet but overtime it becomes blind to the heartbreak and regains its liveliness.  “Little Black Submarines” is guaranteed to be a jam, no matter what kind of mood you’re in.
  • “Thank God for Girls”- Weezer: As a massive Weezer fan, I had to include one song off their new album The White Album. This song isn’t your typical “Buddy Holly” or “Island in the Sun,” but hints of Weezer can still be heard.  It begins with a more hip hop-like theme and carries throughout. It’s zany lyrics create imagery of what might be going on in the narrator’s head and the song ends with a (still rap-like) narrative of Adam and Eve’s story.  This song puts a modern twist on this beloved 90’s band and won’t ever be a letdown.
  • “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”- Billy Joel: This 80’s classic off the record Glass Houses is known to most people, but I still feel it deserves some emphasis. Joel himself brings us through the changing times and ideas of what is cool and uncool, and explains that society will only like you if you have style and money. The iconic lyric, “Don’t waste your money on a new set of speakers, you’ll get more miles off a cheap pair of sneakers,” reminds us that you’ll be happier with the simple things in life. Whether you’re a long time Joel fan or not, this song is a classic.
  • “Army”- Ben Folds: This sing-songy lighthearted tune by pianist Ben Folds brings us through his life story.  He begins with telling us how he wanted to join the army but later regretted his decision and joined a band instead. The band then broke up, and re-started without him which led him to start his own musical career. The song has a few renditions, some being live and acapella, but all worth the listen. Some of Folds’ songs are a bit slower, and some more loud and rock oriented, but I’d consider this one a happy medium of the two.  
  • “Hunger Strike”- Temple of the Dog: This band is composed of two well-known rock bands, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, and sounds exactly like you’d expect a Pearl Jam/Soundgarden mashup to sound, which yes, is pretty awesome.  This particular track is the most well-known of the band and is played on the radio quite a lot. It references slaves and small children working hard and barely having any food to eat, hence the title Hunger Strike.  For any rock fan this song is a must-listen and it soon becomes one of those songs you can’t skip when it comes on the radio.  
  • “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”- Death Cab for Cutie: First things first- don’t be warded off by this band’s name. Yes, it has death in the title, no, it’s not a metal band or even an “emo” band, but it is a soft rock/alternative band.  Off the album, Plans, this song is more of a slower, happier song that could even be categorized as a love song.  The song sings “If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks, then I’ll follow you into the dark”, which is slightly morbid, but quite the romantic gesture to who ever this song is for.  
  • “Wheels”- Foo Fighters:  Contradictory to this band’s other songs, this song is happier and more cheery than their usual hard rock.  It is lighthearted and gives off a good message- that there’s always something else in sight when things are going wrong.  The song was originally written to be performed at the White House to honor military soldiers, and references the wheels touching ground when a plane lands which represents soldiers coming home.  It has a good tune, and will put you in a hopeful and positive mood.  
  • img_7947
  • “Just Breathe”- Pearl Jam:  This song is a Pearl Jam all-time favorite of mine, originating from the 2009 album Backspacer.  It’s acoustic and fluttery sound gives it a calming mellow tune. It has a similar message to the song listed above, more or less reminding us that life is going to be okay, and to take some time to ‘just breathe’. The lyric, “well I’m a lucky man to count on my hands the ones I love, some folks just have one, while others they got none,” reminds us to be grateful of what we have in life.  I wouldn’t exactly consider this song happy or sad, it’s more controlled by the listener’s mood.
  • “Reptilia” -The Strokes: This band deserves recognition, and quite frankly you shouldn’t just listen to this song, but all of their songs. Though this song is off the album Room On Fire, the band’s Is This It was considered number two on Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Albums of the 2000s” list. The song is fast paced and offers an alt-rock sound that is very distinct to this band. The Strokes created a sound that was brand new to people in the late 90s when they began, and they still continue to do that to this day.img_7949
  • “This is Why We Fight”- The Decemberists: This song off the album The King is Dead well displays the indie-folk rock genre given to this band. It portrays an infantry going to war but gives minimal details about what’s going on. The lines in the song are no more than three words, yet it still gives us a sense of what’s happening. The brevity of the lyrics leaves the music to tell some of the story, and they do that thoroughly. The songs repetition and increasing uptempo of music makes us feel as though we are ready to fight.

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