Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

By Thomas Kummerhotdog-sandwich

At first glance this question is an easy no, but when you look closer at the details it gets more and more complicated.  What is a sandwich first of all?  Junior Sam Bullock says, “A sandwich is two pieces of bread with some meat and one other filling.”  He says a hot dog with another condiment is a sandwich, but just the dog is not. This explanation, however, classifies a PB&J as a non-sandwich, which it clearly is.  

A different explanation is offered by the Merriam-Webster dictionary which classifies a sandwich as, “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between.” This particular view clearly puts the hot dog in the sandwich category, as it should.  

The real underlying question is not if a hot dog is a sandwich, but if a sub is a sandwich.  Hot dogs are made from selected meat trimmings from beef or pork. The bread used in this sandwich is one small loaf split down the middle to place the meat inside, qualifying it as a sub, since subs consist of a split bread and filling of various meats cheeses or other items.  A hot dog is now proven to be a sub, but is a sub and sandwich?  

The famous restaurant Subway exclusively sells subs and, on their menu, and they are listed as sandwiches.

“I love Subway, it’s a quality place,” Jay Loring says. “I go there all the time and I love their sandwiches.”  Another angle to prove a sub is a sandwich is just the name itself.  A “sub” is short for a much longer forgotten name, submarine sandwich.  The evidence is there, a hot dog is a sub, and a sub is a sandwich.  Through the transitive property, if a=b and b=c then a=c. Therefore, a hot dog is by definition a sandwich.      

Sandwich enthusiast Jon James agrees wholeheartedly, “it can be hard to believe at first, I’ll admit, but the facts are undeniable.”  

Wrap it up folks, this debate is over.  “The recent findings have closed this one door, but it leads to many more questions with even less answers,”  James explains.  “Is a taco a sandwich? What about a wrap?  Calzones, are they sandwiches too?”  Jon asks.  These are all valid questions and I’m really torn as to the answers.  

Julia Coelho doesn’t believe tacos and sandwiches are the same.  “If I was out to lunch, and I wanted a sandwich and they brought me a taco, I’d be upset. They aren’t the same.”  

The Pandora’s box has been opened, sandwiches are everything and everyone, nothing is safe from the endless hoards of hungry mongrels out to buy a sandwich, whatever that may be.

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