What Does Bill Think?

by Thomas Kummer

Photo by Thomas Kummer

When people seek guidance, they ask things like, “What would Jesus do?” or “What would Louis Armstrong do?”  I however ask a different question, based off of a more informed, modern Renaissance Man. “What would Bill think?” I ask.  Bill Kummer is my father, a North Attleboro High School alumni, and, in my opinion, the smartest man alive. In times of trouble in this world, I turn to Bill and encourage others to ask him as well.  

Bill is very interested in politics, specifically local politics.  He has many comments on the recent search for a new superintendent, his main point being that it is “a win win win for our town.”  He believes the next superintendent should reinstate a daycare where parents drop their kids off at the high school and are taken care of by students, which has been done in previous years.  “It could be an elective for juniors and seniors and would help everyone involved.” Not only will this course help students get experience to build their resume, but it will also produce income for the high school as well as help the residents of North Attleboro.

Regarding sports, the Red Sox season has come to a heartbreaking end. Bill, however, sees the happiness in the journey.  “They made my summer fun. The Sox were in the race all year and it was better than last year.”  The 2015 season was a disaster and Bill remembers not being able to watch the Red Sox because “they were terrible and I didn’t want to see them get beat every night.”  Now that the baseball season is over he can focus on a better sport: football.

Bill has been going to North Attleboro High School sports games since he was a student, and he believes the recent change to two different divisions from the singular Hockomock league “has been a disaster.” Kummer says, “If a school can’t field a freshman or junior varsity team, then they shouldn’t be in our league. It’s embarrassing.”  He remembers it was fine the way it used to be, which was twelve teams and one league and the “best of the best” get into the playoffs.  

Bill is a smart man and knows many things that others have no idea about. He always wants to give his opinions about any and every topic.  “I love to talk,” says Kummer, and he will talk your ear off if you let him.   

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