Fire truck pull

by Jay Loring

Members of the North Attleboro High School Football team participated in a fire truck pull on Saturday, October 15th at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield. The pull was to raise money for Special Olympics, and has been organized by policemen Larry Crosman for the last six years.

This year was the first year that the Red Rocketeers have participated in the event. North’s truck pull team organizer was Cam Crosman, and the North Attleboro consisted of sm_img_5610Crosman, Jay Loring, Thomas Kummer, Bobby Mylod, Nick Rajotte, Geoff Wilson, Ryan Clemente, Kyle McCarthy, Waleed Quddumi, Nolan Buckley, Jack Dakin, Matt Warsofsky and Sean Schriever.

“It was a great event for a great cause and I’m glad I could be a part of it,” said Red Rocketeer senior Thomas Kummer.

The first Fire truck itself was over 50,000 lbs, but the Red Rocketeers pulled the truck in a little over 1sm_img_56130 seconds. In the first round they got 3rd place and were looking strong going into the 80,000 lb pull. During the break time while the organizers were switching the trucks people could go sit in all the emergency response vehicles.  

“I liked sitting in the fire truck, it was my favorite part of the whole event,” said senior Jack Dakin.

The Red Rocketeers were determined to win at the second pull. With this enthusiasm, the team ended up pulling the second truck in 12.8 seconds, not being enough to edge out the KP Warriors.sm_img_5615

“It was fun, but I really wish we could have just pulled a little bit harder to edge out KP that would have put the cherry on top,” said Waleed Quddumi.

Hopefully next year another Red Rocketeer squad can show up and take the win for North.


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