Presidential Debate

by Nick Moore

This year’s presidential battle is certainly different


from all of the past elections. On one
side, there is a hotheaded billionaire who isn’t afraid to say what he wants. On the other side, there is a corrupt senator who doesn’t like answering questions. The country is very divided on these two candidates because it’s like “picking the best of the worst for president,” stated experienced voter, Tim Moore.

With the election process starting to come to an end, there will be presidential debates coming up which are very important to convince the American public to vote one way or the other. But with this year having two hotheads who constantly go after each other, there will most likely be a fight instead of a debate.

Tim Moore said after the first debate that it was “just two idiots fighting the entire time.”


Republican and North Attleboro resident Andrew Blanchette had this to say about the debate, “I thought Donald did really good and he stumped crooked Hillary a number of times.” He added that the debate was a “good step for our campaign.”

CNN reporter David Gergan stated that “Hillary crushed Trump!” and also added, “We believed before the debate happened that if Hillary decisively won the debate, then she would lock the election in her favor. But we now believe that the election will still remain ferociously close.”

The country is clearly divided by these two candidates, which is what makes these debates


so important. With no clear leader in the race, the way that each of them perform in the debates could put one over the hump. If you want to see your candidate make the final push for the oval office, tune into the next debate at 9 PM on Sunday October 9th.

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