Teacher Spirit Week

by Angela Bullock

The library staff
Nurse staff
The English and math departments
Mrs. Flanders, Mr. Rizzo, Mrs. Rushlow, Mrs. McKamy, Mrs. Anderson
The English department
The math department
The music and theater department
The guidance department
The science department
The foreign language department

The week of October 17th to the 21st, the faculty at North Attleboro High School  participated in teacher spirit week. Each day the teachers dressed up differently for each themed day.

On Monday, October 17th the theme was “College Day” and teachers wore apparel from their respective alma maters. Some teachers who did not own their own college’s gear wore shirts of colleges that their children are enrolled in. Mrs. Pasquine wore a Westfield University t-shirt, because her daughter, Steph, goes there.

On Tuesday, October 18th the theme was “Decades Day.” On this day, teachers wore outfits that represented the decade of their choice. Assistant Principal Mrs. Todd dressed as a flapper, wearing a sparkly cocktail dress that exemplified the 20’s. English teachers Mrs. Violette, Mrs. Kelleher, and Mrs. Rushlow dressed as people from the 90’s, wearing band t-shirts with flannels. Other teachers who got in on the 90’s fun were Mrs. Flanders, Mr. Charron, Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. St. Martin.

On Wednesday, October 19th the theme was “Fall Colors Day,” and the faculty wore outfits that embodied fall. Their outfits included colors such as brown, red, yellow, green and many teachers wore cardigans, jeans, scarves, and boots.

On Thursday, October 20th the theme was “Twinning Day,” where teachers paired up and wore the same outfits. Some of the math teachers including Mrs. McLaughlin, Ms. Woodard, Mr. Mcgrath, and Mrs. Lauzier wore Patriots jerseys.

On Friday, October 21st the theme was “Pink Day” where teachers wore pink attire to support Breast Cancer awareness.  

Alyssa Cohen, a senior at NAHS said,“The faculty’s spirit was so powerful I could feel it radiating throughout the building.”

Julia Coelho, a long time participant in NAHS’s spirit week said, “The teachers enthusiasm for spirit week really inspired the students to have their own motivation to participate in their spirit week. This is my fourth year participating in spirit week and I can confidently say that the teachers had the best spirit this year than the past years.”

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