Movember Foundation

movember_letterhead copy

By Robbie Congdon

The month of October is focused mainly on raising awareness for women and breast cancer, but November focuses on men’s health. Specifically, it raises awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and poor physical health.

The idea started in 2003 when two men were talking in a restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. They decided to grow out moustaches in an effort to raise awareness. Today, it is known as “No Shave November.” A lot of people grow out a beard and have no idea what they are doing it for, but men’s health is the reason behind the craze.          

The foundation has spread across the globe and is a charity that has reached 21 countries in the world. It has raised more than $650 million and has used that money to fund over 1,000 different programs focused on men’s health.

The Movember Foundation’s aim is to not only start conversations about testicular and       prostate cancer, poor mental health and physical well being but encourage men worldwide to prioritize their health,” said Mark Hedstrom, U.S. director of the Movember Foundation.

This year, the foundation has made an addition to its traditions. They have added a 30 day fitness challenge where participants do some type of fitness every day in November, along with growing out their facial hair. The foundation looks to keep adding things like this and grow its awareness and popularity.


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