Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Blows Up Across the World

by Matt Reimels

This Fall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was introduced all across the world with the United States being one of the largest recipients of the new product. However, many of those who bought the phone were shocked to discover that their shiny, factory new cell phone had one fatal flaw: its battery blows upspiralbinder-2016-18

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These battery malfunctions are caused by the fact that the phones use lithium ion batteries which have electrolyte fluid in them that are highly flammable. All batteries have a negative side and a positive side. These two sides in the battery are separated by a very thin sheet of plastic inside the battery. If these two sides come into contact with each other, by the plastic sheet being punctured for example, the battery shorts and it heats up the electrolyte fluid inside the battery causing it to go up in flames. More information about tcan be found at

Some of the Galaxy Note 7’s were built with a little too much pressure on the battery, which made it a lot easier to puncture the battery and cause the negative and positive ends to come into contact with each other.

Reports of these devices having problems with cumbusting came shortly after they were released. Hundreds of people in the US informed Samsung that their new product was catching fire and exploding. A recall was made for the Note 7 and Samsung offered a “fixed” version of the phone to all of those who bought the first version. Samsung’s exchange program was active all over the world in the countries that were issued the product.

This exchange program lead to yet another failure of Samsung. The new versions of the Note 7 still had reports of them exploding and one particularly shocking case of the Note 7 catching fire on an airplane in the US.

This second failure caused Samsung to give up on the Galaxy Note 7 as it was hurting their company’s reputation and wasting money.

On October 10th, Samsung stopped all sales of the Galaxy Note 7 across the world. Samsung advises that anyone who owns a Note 7 should return it to Samsung, as it is highly dangerous to keep it around. Customers have until the end of 2016 to return their devices.

The United States Authorities have banned these phones on airplanes and advise that no one take them out in public due to fire hazards.

The best thing to do for anyone who bought the phone is to send it back to Samsung to avoid any more incidents. However, as of right now Samsung is refusing to pay compensation for their phones and damages caused by the faulty battery of the phone.

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