Skyrocketing EpiPen Prices

by Kyra Sianoimg_8234

If you or a loved one has suffered from allergies, you may be entitled to compensation. Well, not exactly. The cost of EpiPens has gone up by about 500% since the mid-2000s, now costing approximately $608.

EpiPens are a self-asserted shot used when a person is undergoing anaphylactic shock. When consuming an allergen, the throat can close up and constrict the person from breathing. Epinephrine is the chemical in an EpiPen that opens airways to the lungs and reduces other reactions such as hives and wheezing. EpiPens can save lives, therefore it is essential that every person with an allergy carries one.

Those who are required to own an EpiPen are instructed to carry two at a time, one for the initial reaction, and a second one as a backup, in case the first one runs out before the person having an allergic reaction is transported to the hospital. It is also recommended that EpiPens are kept at school, at home, and any other place where the person is spending an extended amount of time. This means that approximately six EpiPens are required for each person with a severe allergy.

As of this past May, the price of a package of two EpiPens rose from $461.00 to $608.61. The drug itself does not cost nearly as much in other countries such as France and Great Britain because they are sold by different companies. Here in the United States, however, Mylan owns the EpiPen. There are so many drugs are out there, but have yet to be tested by the FDA. This creates less competition for EpiPen, allowing Mylan to drastically increase the prices because it is one of the only options for epinephrine, which so many people need.

Depending on your insurance, the EpiPen may be covered, but for those whose insurance does not cover the cost, these prices can be tricky to pay.  However, EpiPen brand does in fact offer a co-pay card that gives you up to $300 towards the price of the medication. This card can be found on the website and can be used as many times as one wants when ordering EpiPens with your doctor.

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