Student Profile: Brady Folan

by Thomas Kummer

The Class of 2018 is full of rabble rousers and rascals and junior Brady Folan certainly one of those kids.  This “short round” stands at only 5’5”, but is known by his friends as a “huge ball of fun.”  

In his three years at NAHS, Brady has been a member of the wrestling team and participated in off-season workouts with friends and teammates.  

The man himself

Former classmate Leo Charlebois described Folan as “one of the cutest little munchkins I’ve ever met.  I could just eat him right up,” says Charlebois.  “I love that little rapscallion and his beautiful twinkly eyes.”  

Brady spends some of his time doing school work, especially for his rigorous anatomy class, but what he truly loves to do to is sleep on his couch after school.

“My couch is just a plain green couch, but is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever laid down on,” Brady shared. Brady also explained that his couch has a “beautiful matching chaise” that is used from time to time.

Brady Folan fanatic Leo Charlebois

After his precious daily nap, Brady heads to Blackstone wrestling club to work on his craft.

Teammate Jake DiRenzo says, “He’s a good kid that puts in work at
offseason wrestling. [Brady is] just working hard and living his life.”

Brady started wrestling in sixth grade, and except for a year off, he has done it every year since.  Brady anticipates his junior season and hopes to “place at states, and to get more wins than I did last year, like twenty something.”  

When Brady is not wrestling, he watches the critically acclaimed mystery series LOST on ABC.  He is currently on season four and admits, “I have no idea what’s going on!  I hate Hurley, he’s such a idiot.”  

On Sundays Brady also enjoys staying at home to watch his favorite football team the Green Bay Packers, instead of the local New England Patriots.   

Overall, Brady Folan has a glowing reputation in the North Attleboro community.

Senior Sabrina Moul says, “I love Brady, he is super nice.  Overall he is a really good kid.”  

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