North Football Wins the Hock

by David James

Photo by Patty Hitchcock

In quite possibly the most unusual and anti-climactic way, the Red Rocketeers of North Attleboro High School learned that they had won their division of the Hockomock League outright for the second year in a row on Friday Night. They are not only the first North Attleboro team to accomplish this feat since the 1998-1999 season, but also the first football team to win a league championship in both divisions of the Hockomock League

Photo by Patty Hitchcock

In the pouring rain, with thunder in the distance, the Rocketeers completely dismantled the Foxboro Warriors and got out to a 35-0 lead in just three quarters. During the shift between the third and fourth quarter, there was a flash of lightning followed by a roar of thunder. Per MIAA rules, the referees sent both teams to their locker rooms for a 30-minute delay, stating that if the weather cleared up then the team come back out and finish the game, but of not,

Photo by Patty Hitchcock

then it would be up to Foxboro if they wanted to make up the game or forfeit.

After approximately 15 minutes in the visiting locker room, suddenly the three senior North Attleboro captains came sprinting in, screaming and hollering unintelligible noises.

“I thought they were getting the team hyped up to go back out and finish the game,” said sophomore Bryan Engler, “I put my helmet back on and started stretching.”
It was revealed 2 minutes later that they were screaming because Foxboro had forfeited and the Rocketeers had officially won the Hockomock-Davenport outright, clinching home field advantage for at least the first round of the playoffs.

“That was important because there was a chance that we wouldn’t have another game on

Photo by Patty Hitchcock

Community field,” said senior captain Bobby Mylod, “I think our seniors deserve one last home game.”
North Attleboro now enters a talented Division 2 South bracket as the third seed with a 6-1 record and will host Whitman-Hanson on Friday Night.

“Don’t let their record fool you, they’re a good team” said head coach Don Johnson, “They’ve lost to some good teams and you better believe they’ll be ready to play on Friday night.”

Although North is in a bracket that could potentially result in them facing the talented Dartmouth team, and/or the number one team in the state, Duxbury, the Rocketeer players refuse to acknowledge it.

“To quote Bill Belichick, we’re on to Whitman-Hanson,” said senior Tom Vidal, “That’s all we’re focused on right now.”

It’s safe to say that the Rocketeers have already put this league championship behind them in their quest to make a playoff run. The question is how far they’ll make it in the “#RoadToGillette”.

Photo by Patty Hitchcock

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