Blonde football players

by Jay Loring

As November approaches that means the high school football playoffs are underway. The North Attleboro Red Rocketeers have put themselves in a very good situation sitting in the 3rd seed of D2 south. An idea came along by the captains to do something to unify the team, and they decided on blonde hair.

Senior Thomas Kummer said,  “When we decided we were going to do blonde hair, I was against it. What I really wanted was red dyed hair or frosted tips because a team in the school already does that.” On the other hand, other seniors were really all for the blonde like Chris Votta and Bobby Mylod.

Monday walking into school was like another whole world seeing bleach-blonde football players walking around.

“I was surprised I must say, I wasn’t aware of the dyeing so when I first got to school I was very confused,” said senior Nick Moore. This is the first year the team has done something as dramatic as bleaching their hair–last year the team did nothing. Two years ago the team got mohawks and that was a big hit among many.

“I was a fan of the mohawks when I played, much more than the bleached hair,” said former football player Andrew Blanchette.

The blonde hair has really taken over the schools talk and has made lots of laughs and jokes, but the real reason about this is to unify the team before playoffs.

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