Top 5 Most Expensive Things

by Nick Moore

From phones to cereal boxes, there are expensive, high quality versions and there are knock-off, cheap versions. But sometimes people pay way too much money for virtually the same thing as everyone else. Here are some outrageously priced items as identified by List25:

  1. Parking Spot in Manhattan: To start off the countdown, we have a ridiculously priced

    parking spot in the center of NYC. This one parking spot is worth a whopping $1 million. This means that this one parking spot is six times more expensive than the average American home.

    North Attleboro resident Thomas Kummer had this to say about the parking spot, “I think buying a parking spot in Manhattan is pointless because you could just get a cab.”

  2. Huia Bird Feather: Next we have something that most people have found at one

    point or another in their lifetime: a feather. But, there is clearly something special with this feather and that is that it belongs to an extinct Huia Bird which is why it is sold for so much. This ludicrously expensive feather was sold at an auction for $10,000. This means that this feather is worth more than a halfway decent car.  

    NAHS senior Jay Loring, said, “I would not even pay $10 for a feather, let alone $10,000.”

  3. Royal Penthouse Suite Hotel Room: Following up the feather we have the most

    expensive hotel room in the world. Located in Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, this suite has 10 rooms and seven bathrooms. This hotel room comes in at an absurd $65,000 a night making it the most expensive hotel room in the world.

    Kummer again stated, “This is just an absolute waste of money no matter what way you look at it.”

  4. Susse Freres daguerreotype camera: Next we have the first commercially

    manufactured camera in the world. First made in 1839, it definitely isn’t as small and advanced as the cameras we have now. This camera was sold at an auction for a staggering $775,000. This makes this one camera more than double the average American home price.

Tech savvy student Andrew Blanchette said, “nowadays we have cameras that come included in our phones so therefore I don’t see a point in buying a $775,000 camera!”

5.  The History Supreme Yacht: Last we have the most expensive object on out list.


Coming in at a mind blowing $4.8 billion, it is the History Supreme Yacht. With it being made out of over 100,000 kg of gold and decorated with T-Rex bones and meteorites, anyone can see that this yacht is owned by a billionaire that didn’t know what to do with $5 billion.

North Attleboro teacher Mrs. Violette stated, “This is a gigantic waste of money.” She then later stated, “instead of buying that yacht, you could have used the $4.8 billion to help people in need.”

Sometimes there are people who really just don’t know what to do with all of their money. So this is a little taste of how they like to waste it.

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