Local Reaction to Trump’s victory

by Andrew Blanchette

The election of 2016 has undoubtedly divided America. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have been torn apart by these two candidates. On Tuesday, November 8th, America elected Donald Trump of the Republican Party over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The odds were definitely stacked against Trump, and his victory caught many off guard.

It wasn’t a surprise when Hillary Clinton took Massachusetts fairly easily.  The state has voted democratic in every election since 1984, when they voted for Republican Ronald Reagan. Nevertheless, mixed opinions about both Trump and Clinton remain.

Even with a majority of the state being Clinton voters, Trump voters weren’t afraid to share their opinions. Rob Congdon, an outspoken Republican, began supporting Trump because of his promise to change this country and bring jobs back. When asked his thoughts on the election results, Congdon said, “It was a pleasant surprise to see him win. I’m excited to see what he does.”

Registered Massachusetts Republican and Trump voter Ali Blanchette was also thrilled to see a Trump victory, saying, “It was a time for a change.”

David Colasanti, another Republican and Trump voter, was thrilled with the results as well, and is “excited about Donald’s plans to tighten the borders and bring back jobs.”

Republicans have had a great week as they also maintained full control of Congress.

Many Independents who didn’t vote for either candidate had opinions on the results. Nick Moore, a Gary Johnson voter, was very surprised with the results. He said, “I think [Trump] will step up to the plate and exceed many people’s expectations.”

Conor Danahey, another Johnson voter, was also surprised with the results. Although he holds some questions over his policies, he believes that Trump will “settle down and could be a successful president.” Although Independents obviously had mixed views on the results, at least some are keeping an open mind.

As we have seen in the recent days, many Hillary supporters are enraged by the results. Even with the rage, some Democrats have accepted the results. Local democrat Brandon Dainis was also shocked by the result, but said, “We must stand by Trump and give him the support he needs to run this country.”

Tom Kummer believed Hillary Clinton was the better choice because of her experience, and was upset with the results. He also feels that Trump needs to “surround himself with the right people in office to be successful.’’

Jack Dakin blamed the Democrats for the loss, saying, “By letting Hillary win in the primaries over Bernie, they hurt their chances of beating Trump. I believe Bernie would’ve beaten Trump.” When asked about Trump, he said, “I would take anyone over him, but I’m going to try to keep an open mind for his presidency.” There’s no doubt that Democrats are upset about the loss, but as you can see locally they are not like the protesters you see on the news.

By now, it seems like everyone has weighed in on the election results. Some are pleased, some are enraged and some are indifferent. No matter what people want, Donald Trump is going to be president in January, and America will have to come to peace with that.

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