Most Popular Chain Restaurants in America

by Jay Loring

Living in a somewhat popular area you will see multiple classic chain restaurants as you drive down the road, but some top out the competition. Here are the top five chain restaurants according to Nation’s Restaurant News.


McDonald’s very first restaurant opened up in 1955 and since has become one of the most popular chain restaurants in America. In 2011, McDonald’s made over 20 billion dollars of income beating out its competitors by a staggering amount.

Although McDonald’s is the most popular chain restaurant, some North Attleboro students don’t often frequent it. Senior Nick Moore said, ”I do not go there a lot but it is a delicious quick meal every time that I go.”

2. Subway

“ I think Subway is awesome I would eat it every day if I could. I love their sandwiches,” said senior Thomas Kummer. This is how many Americans feel about this restaurant. Subway is can be a healthy alternative of the classic fast food even though you could classify Subway as still fast food. The US alone has over 26,000 restaurants, making it the largest chain restaurant in the U.S.


Starbucks is a coffee and pastry restaurant that is known to have some of the best drinks around. In New England they are very competitive with Dunkin Donuts and all other coffee shops around here. Starbucks are located all around the United States. “I’ve been there a few time, they are pricey but so good,” said Zach McGowan.

4. Wendy’s

As the fourth most popular chain restaurant in America, Wendy’s just edges out the competing burger chain Burger King. They are the second most popular burger chain only coming in second to the number 1 McDonald’s.

“ I love Wendy’s, my favorite is dipping their fries in my frosty,” said David James.

5. Burger King

Burger King has been around for 63 years starting in Jacksonville, Florida in 1963. Burger king brought in a net profit last year of around 1.9 billion dollars last year making it the third most popular burger chain in the United States. “Burger King is always a solid go to– I am a huge fan of the Oreo milkshake that they have there,” said Leo Charlebois.

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