Pet of the Week: Aidan Mcintosh’s Chickens

by Kyra Siano

When you think of a family pet, chickens probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. Aidan McIntosh, a junior at North Attleboro High School, would think differently.

Aidan’s family has twelve chickens who reside in coops in their backyard. The chickens came in two sets, half of them being 1-2 years old, and half of them being 3-4 years old.

NAHS junior and classmate and teammate to Aidan, Megan Leary says, “They are majestic creatures and it’s wonderful to see wildlife like them in our community.”

When asked why the McIntosh family decided to get chickens, Aidan said, “We just thought it would be cool, and they are a benefit because they provide free eggs.”

In the morning, the chickens are let out to walk around the yard and near the garden. They spend the majority of the day wandering and playing in the yard, and at night when it starts to get dark, they are put back into their coop.

“When we put them to bed, we basically make sure all of them are in the coop and we lock the coop so a fox or other animals can’t get in,” McIntosh says.

Regarding their diet, the chickens usually eat hay, bugs,corn, lettuce, and bread.

A few of the chickens names are Peanut, Suzy, Persephone, and Hera, although McIntosh says none of the twelve names “have any real significance”.

McIntosh says he considers a good amount of the chickens to be antisocial, though a few are friendly. “Most of the chickens don’t like to be touched or picked up,” says Aidan. “I’d say the majority of them don’t get along with the others.”

“I’ve never met Macky’s chickens, but I bet they are marvelous,” says NAHS sophomore and friend to Aidan, Steph Hawkins. “Nothing’s sweeter than fresh eggs every morning.”

Overall, McIntosh and his family enjoy being chicken owners and would recommend it to others, because it is a good experience and an unusual pet to have.

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