President-Elect Donald Trump

by Meghan Hudson

On November 9th, people all across the country were upset by the news that Donald Trump had been elected to be America’s new president. This news was disheartening to those with high hopes for a Clinton presidency. Donald Trump is a racist, sexist and overall unfit man to be president of an entire country. People give him credit for being a “good” businessman, however, I believe that will only get him so far.

Trump wants to build a huge wall on the border of Mexico and have Mexicans fund its construction.  I do not believe that building this wall will stop illegal immigrants from entering this country as they will find other ways of getting in.  In addition to the wall, Trump has also called Mexicans rapists and criminals, which leads me to believe that Mexicans must have increasing animosity towards the United States.  

However, Donald Trump is not only targeting Mexicans, he is also targeting the Muslims, Syrian refugees and other Middle Eastern countries.  Donald Trump has proposed a Muslim ban.  He is planning on prohibiting the admittance of immigrants from all Islamic countries into the US. He is also plans on banning refugees  from entering the country.

These actions prove that Donald Trump is a frightened, Islamophobic coward. These policies are extremely racist and will most likely not pass in congress.  Trump’s racist political viewpoint make me question whether he has even heard of the First Amendment. 

Donald Trump claims that he respects the LGBTQ+ community, however, I am not convinced.  Vice president- elect Mike Pence is extremely homophobic and believes in conversion therapy. I find their philosophies sickening and immoral.

Donald Trump does not make me feel safe in my own country. He is angry and radical and I don’t feel comfortable with him holding the nuclear codes. I am scared for anyone in this nation who isn’t a straight, white male. Although Trump may employ thousands of women, it does not mean the he respects them. There are too many accounts of harassment to trust him near any woman.

Donald Trump does not have my respect and unless he can somehow prove me otherwise, I will never see him as fit to be president. Unfortunately, all we can do as a country is sit back and wait to see how his presidency plays out. The deed is done, Trump has been elected, and we cannot reverse it.  However, maybe Trump with prove us all wrong and be a great leader, perhaps his disrespectful commentary was nothing more than a campaign act. This all seems highly unlikely, but it’s important to try to remain positive and keep an open mind in times of trouble.

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