State College vs. Community College


Rylie Guthrie


Many say that community colleges are for the students who do not get accepted into a four year or that those who attend won’t go as far as others would go for a four year college.

According to the tuition at a community college in the year of 2010 averaged about $2,000 which is far less expensive than the $50,000 you pay at universities. Just because the expense is less doesn’t mean that the quality of education is worse. Often times the classes you take are just like what a four year college class would offer.Also many teachers who teach at a community college hold positions at state colleges as well.

At the age of eighteen, when people typically graduate high school, many are uncertain of what they want to do with themselves for the rest of their lives. Community college is a good place to get your general classes done, explore the type of fields that interest you and even boost your grades.

Many students believe that college is a way to be able to explore, meet new people, and get involved with their school. Community colleges don’t typically offer as many school involved activities that could  be offered at state colleges. Being able to get the full college experience implicating that spending your time in the dorms and with your roommate is part of the whole experience.

Courtney Gagner, North Attleboro High School senior says, “You don’t get a good experience if you enroll into a community college.”

Typically, community college classes are smaller than those offered at universities . This enables students to interact more with their professors and get one-on-one help. When there are papers or exams due, universities don’t always give the personal feedback needed to help you do better, since there are so many to grade.

Community colleges generally don’t focus on psychology majors or english majors, which are more difficult in terms of finding employment after school. However they put more focus on general majors such as early child education and healthcare.

Once people think of community colleges they automatically think that the quality of education is worse than that of a state college or that it is for people who can’t get into a four year college. The truth is, community college is just a smarter financial approach if you don’t mind missing out on some of the four year college experiences. Many people still choose to attend state colleges because it is a way to get to know people and fully participate in the activities they provide.

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