Fidel Castro, Famous Leader

by Matt Reimels

Most Americans probably think that Fidel Castro was a poor leader of Cuba. In some ways this is true, but every leader has flaws. The reason why Fidel Castro is viewed as evil and often looked down upon here in America is that he made Cuba a self-sustaining country, and the US hated that one of its powerful neighbors did not rely on the United States. Also, he almost blew up the United States.


According to’s page “Fidel Castro Biography,” Fidel Castro rose to power by overthrowing Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista. This started his reign of Cuba and he ended up bringing a lot of good things to Cuba. In Cuba, they have free healthcare for everyone and also a good education system.

When Castro became the leader of Cuba, Cuba’s relationship with the US diminished due to their refusal to trade with the US. Eventually, all trade with the US was banned and Cuba was blocked off almost entirely for US citizens.

This actually ended up helping the Cuban government, as they were able to strengthen their economy greatly and become a self-sufficient nation.

Fidel Castro also had his military liberate many other countries in Latin America and Africa who had dictatorships as their form of government. He ran a communist government and in the US, communism is hated by most but in some cases, the communist government continues to work today in Cuba.

Castro gets a bad reputation in America because of misconceptions and false information, but he is also looked down upon for the right reasons.

It can be argued that Fidel Castro simply replaced one dictatorship with another. He took over the government by force and forced Cuba to be subjected to communism.

History teacher, Alex Russo, stated that Castro “was a ruthless Commie dictator and oppressor who subjected the Cuban people to the harsh reality of Communist rule.”

Castro started the Cuban Missile crisis and was an enemy of the US for this. Just like most other communist leaders of this time, he put down anyone who would try to oppose him. Just as he did some good things for his country, he also did many things that put his country in danger.

In many ways, Fidel Castro was a selfish leader who only listened to himself when deciding what was best for Cuba. The Cuban Missile Crisis that Castro started put both the US and Cuba at the brink of war. Nearly starting World War III shows that he gambled with Cuba without rational thought about the outcome of his actions.

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