Senior Trips

Rylie Guthrie

Senior trips provide families one-on-one time to connect with each other before sending their child off to college. I, as a senior, am fortunate enough to be taking a vacation to Nashville, Tennessee this summer to  be able to see attractions such as the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, Historic 2nd Avenue and more.



Many others prefer international senior trips such as Greece, Italy, St. Louis etc. to  get more of a picturesque view. Others prefer more relaxing, easygoing trips such as Aruba, Myrtle Beach, and Virginia Beach trips. These vacations don’t have as many landmarks, but you can spend a week to relax and get away from all the stress back home. Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, Universal Studios, Disney World, White House, Times Square are all experiences that other people might enjoy if sitting on a beach all day doesn’t suit you as well.

According to “Go Overseas,” the top destinations that people are visiting are  New Zealand and Australia. From striking ocean views to encountering exotic wildlife,  experiencing the Australian culture is a remarkable trip.

In Auckland, the Sky Tower raises to a height of 1,076 feet and is the highest tower in  New Zealand. You can walk around the building, take glass elevators up to the skyline and even bungee jump from about 629 feet up.

The Sydney Opera House is located in Sydney, Australia and  acquires a unique structure to it. “” says, “The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most recognisable building and is an icon of Australia’s creative and technical achievement.” The historic Opera House is now a well respected arts venue where thousands of people visit.

Get-away hotspots like Thailand, Costa Rica, Kauai HI, and Lake Tahoe CA, are all suited for the more adventurous vacationer..

All in all, a senior trip all depends on preference and what suits your family best. Some families’ ideal vacations involve  sitting on white sand under the palm trees while drinking out of a coconut, but others prefer bungee jumping and whitewater rafting throughout Kauai’s rivers.

I hope this gives you more of an idea of which type of vacation you would like to spend with your family if you decide to take a senior trip.



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