Christmas Spirit in North Attleboro Neighborhoods

by Emma Cromidas

Many houses and yards around the town are set up with twinkling lights illuminating the area just in time for the holiday season. But for the residents of Raymond Hall Drive in North Attleboro, a pretty display of lights just simply isn’t enough.

According to The Sun Chronicle, this is only the second year that this display has been in action down the North Attleboro street, but it has been growing in popularity.  A display that only started with two houses has now grown to four. Originally, Peter and Dawn Regan coordinated with their neighbors, Justin Hergt and Brent Robbin, in order to create a light show synchronized to holiday music. To the typical passerby, the lights might just appear to be blinking in any ordinary fashion, but tuning your radio to 89.1 FM brings this display to a new level.

In 2015, there were only a select number of tunes that were compatible with these lights, but for the 2016 holiday season, there is a wide selection of 15 songs to be played, including “Little Drummer Boy,” and Frozen’s “Let it Go.”

The trick to linking the music with the lights is all in the computer-software Light-O-Rama Showtime Suite S2, a program that has been used for twelve years to synchronize lights, music, and movement, according to Robbin had previous experience using this software and, with the help of Hergt, the lights were up and running in just a few short days, according to The Sun Chronicle.

Other North Attleboro residents that have already viewed this display stated that they were impressed by the synchronization between the lights and music.

Justin Hergt in 2015 showing off his holiday decorations (Photo from


“I’ve seen other displays like this but they’ve always been at major events like in Boston or Providence. It’s cool to see this display in our small little town,” explained Julia Noreck, who recently viewed the attraction from a Facebook post by Justin Hergt and wanted to witness the exhibit.

The Facebook post announced that the lights were up and running and that two more houses decided to join the fun in the display. He also shared that the display would run from 5 o’clock to 10 o’clock every night at 26 Raymond Hall Drive and the surrounding houses.

Another house in town, Laura Kirk’s home at 62 Michael Road in North Attleboro, is lit up and set to music playing from a stereo at their home every night.

“We used to only play the music every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, but we do it seven days a week now. The neighbors said that it doesn’t disturb them too much,” explained Kirk.

The house is fully strung with lights around the entire house, including the bushes and surrounding trees.

Megan Kirk, daughter of Laura, stated that “the family is very much into the holiday spirit this year. We’ve been doing this for about five years now using a kit that my mom bought years ago. We haven’t gotten as much publicity as other houses in town, but I’d say our house is pretty cool,” said Megan.

The Kirk’s home on 62 Michael Road in North Attleboro (Photo submitted by Megan Kirk)

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