La Salette: A Local Christmas Tradition


by Rylie Guthrie


The holiday season is a time for families and friends to celebrate yearly traditions and to maintain their special bond. Elf on the Shelf, baking goods with the family, opening one present on Christmas Eve, and Holiday Mass provide Christmas rituals which is important for this time of year.

La Salette is a common tradition during the Christmas season. NAHS senior Cole Swanson says, “It’s a great time to bond with family and it’s a great place to go on a weekend.”

The Festival of Lights offers phenomenal lights and exceptional reviews on the hot chocolate, making it a hot spot during the weekend.

La Salette is open daily from November 24- January 1 from 5 PM-9 PM. The shrine’s grounds provides interestings view for all ages.

NAHS senior Tom Reynolds says, “I like to walk around with  my family and drink hot chocolate.”

According to La Salette’s website, La Salette offers over 300,000 illuminating lights over 10 acres of land.

Others have different opinions on whether the Festival of Lights is worth the heavy traffic throughout the weekend and progressively gets lighter as the week continues.

NAHS senior Megan Kirk says, “It’s overrated for the amount of traffic it produces every year.”

La Salette is a great family-oriented event and convenient place to admire the view and experience the Christmas feeling. Nick Rajotte says, “It’s a really neat place to visit and the hot chocolate is very good. It definitely gives the Christmas spirit vibe.”


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