Where Are They Now: Ian Bordeleau


by Thomas Kummer

Every year, an average of 250 students graduate from NAHS and move on from high school forever. Some go to college, some go to serve our country, and some go directly into the workforce.

In 2012, the North Attleboro Red Rocketeers said farewell to Ian Bordeleau, a great man and a hard worker, and sent him off into the real world.  

One of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Violette shared her opinion on Ian: “He was quiet, really focused and a hard worker,” she said.  

Ian Bordeleau was a model student, considering the fact that he never missed a day of school in his entire high school career. After graduation, he attended Umass Dartmouth and studied History. Ian studied history because it was his favorite subject in school taught by his favorite teacher, Mr. Shockro.

Bordeleau graduated in the spring of 2016 and is currently employed as a delivery man for local pizza place Piezoni’s, his former part-time job.  Another delivery driver Mike Rizk says, “I like Ian because he works and studies very well.”    

In high school, Ian didn’t participate in any sports, but he was known as an avid skateboarder by his neighbor John Brennan.

“Ian is a pretty good skater, I see him in his driveway sometimes,”  Brennan says.  

In 2012, Ian Bordeleau left NAHS forever, but his memory will live on as long as I’m in the building. As for Ian’s view on his alma mater, he says, “Yeah they prepared me for college, which was what the aim is. So yeah it is a good school.”

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