Snow Day Activities


by Vinny Zammiello

During the winter, the snowy weather creates a whole new world outside. A winter wonderland provides opportunities for special activities only made possible by the snow and freezing weather. So, if you find yourself bored during the  next New England snowstorm, this list includes the NA First Launch staff’s favorite activities in the snow.

Staff Writer Jack Dakin: Sledding

Sledding is the perfect activity to bring you back to your childhood. No matter what you choose to sled down the slope with, you are always in for great time. It’s a fun activity for those who never got into skiing or snowboarding and are looking for a downhill-thrill. A few good sledding locations in the North Attleboro area include The First United Methodist Church and the large hill located in WWI Park.child-sledding

Dakin shared, “As a kid I loved going to The First United Methodist Church with all my friends.”

Staff Writer Jay Loring: Building A Snowman

When Jay first sees snow start to accumulate on the ground, he is eager to put on some warm clothes and roll the snow into three large spheres to make a snowman. Jay says he’ll “use all the snow in his yard” just to make the “largest snowman possible.”

As you can tell, Jay is very passionate about building snowmen and often spends most of his time on snow days building them. Last year, Jay and his friends built a snowman that was over 5 ½ feet tall. “It was a very productive snow day,” stated Jay.

Editor of Team Yeomans Zach McGowan: Ice Skating

If the conditions are right for long enough, your backyard pond or lake should freeze into your own ice skating rink. Whether it’s your first time skating or you’re a regular skater, it’s always a good time.

McGowan said, “Skating is always enjoyable, but I prefer to get my friends together and play a game of ice hockey.”. He continued, “Some of the games can get really intense and competitive.” Some great spots to skate in North Attleboro are Bungay Lake and Falls Pond.

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