Staff Change Within School

by Olivia Capriotti

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On Thursday, December 15th, Mr. Rizzo, the former band director at North Attleboro High School, took over as the interim assistant principal. Despite this role being a full-time position, Mr. Rizzo will still be able to be involved with music extracurriculars that include the after-school sessions with the jazz band as well as the spring musical.

This administrative change has left a profound effect on the music teacher. Rizzo described it as, “almost bittersweet.” His exit from the music department will allow him to explore his new position, but it will be hard to say goodbye since he has been a part of it for so long.

He also comments on how it has influenced the way he perceives himself, saying, “I’ve always identified myself as a music teacher. Nothing else.”

Mr. Rizzo shared that he is certainly going to miss helping out in the band complex; however, he is ready for change. “I’m excited to help the school in a different capacity,” he said.

With this change comes not only personal but professional goals for Mr. Rizzo when he takes on the position.

“I hope to learn as much as I can and understand on a personal level,” Mr. Rizzo said. “Professionally, I want to make the communication within the staff and office easier, and entertain an open dialogue between the staff and administration.”

When asked about the administrative shift, freshman Daniel Nobrega stated, “I’m very sad. Mr Rizzo is a great teacher, but it will be interesting to see what the new band director will be like compared to him.”

On the other hand, another band student, sophomore Kendall Hauerwas, was weary of how things would play out. “Mr. Rizzo was a great band director, so I’m a bit nervous to see how things will be run from now on. Will it be worse? Better? We can only hope for the best and continue to work just as hard as before.”

But how does the band director himself think what feelings are arising?

“There’s definitely a lot of mixed emotions. The students are either angry, or understanding,” Mr. Rizzo said. “I just hope they realize it was not a choice, or abandonment of the students, but an opportunity for professional growth. This change is for the better, and change can be good. I always encourage it.”

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