Best Places to work In High School

By Leo Charlebois

Obtaining a job is a part of growing up for the vast majority of people. Usually the process begins in high school, which results in  the complication of multitasking school, extracurriculars and even sports with a part time job. Obviously, an ideal job would consist of a place with flexible hours and easy to work with managers, that isn’t too laborious or boring.  Of course, the paycheck will ultimately be one of the most influential decision making factors for a broke high school student. However, the most obtainable jobs for these teenagers will be at the minimum wage level, which is 11 dollars an hour.

One of the most common areas high school students work in are retail stores. Retail entitles you to many benefits such as l major discounts off items at the store. Another pro to this job is that it is also very likely you’ll be working alongside other people your age. In addition, the hours you work are not too strenuous and this includes an interesting, fast paced environment, depending on the specific store. On the other hand, some cons include the fact that retail will have you dealing with unhappy customers, especially when it comes to returns. Even though you don’t have power over the company’s policy, some difficult customers will still expect you to resolve it. Retail is mostly minimum wage positions and tips aren’t typically accepted. For senior Morgan Donato, however, the positives outweigh the negatives. “Buying discounted Nautica clothes is awesome, best job I’ve ever had,” said Nautica employee Morgan Donato.

Another common job for high schoolers is babysitting. Babysitting can completely vary in difficulty depending on the age, maturity and habits or needs of the child/children. The pay for babysitting also depends on the parents, but usually surpasses the minimum wage. Another benefit would be the lack of extremely long shifts. Babysitting is usually parents who want to get out for a night together. “Spending time with my mom’s friend’s kids is so fun, they are wicked easy to handle and so cute, really laid back work,” said babysitter Liz Harvey.

Becoming a waiter/waitress at a restaurant is another typical high school job. Some negatives about waiting tables include getting paid below minimum wage, along with dealing with difficult customers and long shifts that can go until very late at night, especially on the weekends. However, waiters usually get good tips and can get free food from the restaurant on their breaks. “I love eating the free food on my break that the kitchen staff makes, I also usually get to take home a free pizza as well,” said Chris Mullaney, a worker at Cafe Assisi.

One of the most iconic high school student jobs is being a pizza delivery worker. To obtain this job, it is important to have a good driving record and a car. Drivers usually are at or below minimum wage, but make a substantial amount in tips due to the quick succession of deliveries that the job requires. This is probably the most laid back job there is because you can relax and listen to your own music while having the freedom to drive yourself around. Hours sometimes fluctuate, but overall pizza delivery is a very sought after job amongst high school students. “I love delivering pizzas, I’m way too lazy for any other job for sure,” said pizza delivery boy Connor MacIver.

Landscaping is another job that doesn’t require a substantial resume. Landscaping gives very good pay, sometimes even 25 dollars an hour and is very fast paced so you’ll never be sitting around bored. Some downsides to this job is that the labor is very difficult and work days could consist of long strenuous days. “I can’t sit still and I love money so landscaping is the perfect job for me,” said Prime Construction employee Owen Costello. Obtaining a job you will enjoy is an extremely personal choice, in which there is a lot of factors to consider. Depending on who you are as a person your ideal job is ultimately going to be unique to your preferences.  

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