10 Sharks found in New York Man’s Basement

According to The Department of Environmental Conservation, 10 Sharks were recovered from a New York man’s basement on September fifth.

The sharks were kept in an above ground, saltwater pool  about 25 feet in diameter.

The Department of Environmental Conservation was alerted that the homeowner may be harboring wildlife.

Among the sharks taken from the Hudson River Valley home, three were dead, the rest alive.

DEC authorities say that the size of the sharks ranges from two to four feet and they were relatively young, most likely in the two to five year old range.

After the rescue, the sharks were tagged by marine wildlife authorities, and blood samples were taken.

Local High School students were asked what they think about the situation.

“ I’ve always been a fan of sharks, can’t say I’d raise them in my basement”, says North Attleboro High senior Geoff Wilson.

“I mean they were only like three feet long, it seems like they’re making a big deal of it to me”, says Bishop Feehan senior Mike Walsh

Long Island Aquarium officials say the sharks were transported to the Long Island Aquarium in a truck that was equipped with “water tanks, oxygen, and climate control.”

NBC 4 New York reports that so far, no has been charged in the case, but an investigation will follow. sharks

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