NBA 2k18 Release

by Kevin Martinez


The latest edition of the popular basketball video game, NBA 2k18, was released last Friday the 15th.  Many students around the school were excited about the game.

Senior James Young is an avid player of the video game franchise, and pre-ordered it Thursday night, a day before the official release.

“It’s much better than 2k17,” he said of the game. “The graphics and gameplay are improved from last year. I also think the MyCareer mode is much more detailed and fun to play.”

Young decided to make his MyPlayer a small forward with the “slasher” archetype, citing his penchant for dunking.

2k18 adds new features, including All Time Teams, which puts the best players ever on each team on a combined roster. Each team will be made up of 15 players from different eras in the NBA.

In addition to the All Time Teams feature, the MyCareer mode has also changed. It now allows the player to walk around a virtual neighborhood within the game, and provides the opportunity to create their own player,

Despite this new game’s hype, there are some who believe it isn’t worth buying. Senior Cesar Fuentes said the game will be similar to last year. “Nothing really changes in the 2k franchise, except for the MyCareer mode. Besides that, the controls and the rest of the game will be the same as last year.”


The game was released Monday to the general public, but many preordered the game for last Friday. Some, such as Young, got the game as early as Thursday. Players could buy the normal version of the game for $60, or the legend edition for $100 which includes virtual currency.

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