Pet of the Week: Tanner Shanks

pasted image 0by James Young

This weeks “Pet of the Week” is Senior Derek Shanks’ dog Tanner. He is a ninety pound, nine-year-old brindle boxer.  

Tanner is part of a litter of eight brothers and sisters from New Hampshire. As a small pup, Shanks described him as “a frisky energetic puppy who couldn’t stop running around.”

Nowadays, Tanner is a much more relaxed pooch. He is gray in the face and spends most of the day sleeping and eating. On Mondays he goes to Tail Blazers University doggy daycare on Route One in Wrentham.

Shanks says that one of his favorite memories of Tanner is that of his dog’s first snow day. He can still vividly remember Tanner face-planting into the snow.

Local high school senior, and long time friend of Shanks, Lucas Foley says, “I’ve known Tanner for a long time and he has always been highly energetic.” Foley also cited that when he was younger Tanner would enjoy jumping up onto him and bringing him to the ground.

Senior neighbor Kyle Nelson reminisces on the younger days with Tanner: “Derek and I would go outside and play catch together, and Tanner would always join in.” He added that he cannot recall any bad memories of the Shanks’ family pet.

Tanner is turning ten next February and even at his old age, proves to be a loving companion of the Shanks family.

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