Senior Spotlight: Billy Drummond, Class President

by Zach DeMattio

Senior Billy Drummond is well known around NAHS as the 2018 Class President. Elected in his freshman year, Billy has taken his job seriously ever since. Over the past few years, students have wondered how Billy Drummond has been able to be not only the class president, but a great, well-rounded kid as well.

Q: What made you want to become President of the Class of 2018?

A: “I’ve always loved being involved as much as I could in this school. I wanted to give myself a platform where I could speak up for my beliefs, and speak up for my fellow classmates. And as the leadership position became open, it drove me to run for office freshman year.”

Q: What is your daily life as the Class President?

A: “I mean daily life is just being that image people want to see in the hallways, the leader, but every couple weeks we will have a meeting. You know, what people don’t see. Waking up 45 minutes earlier than everyone else for meetings. And that is the same for my Vice President Alexis Frechette, Treasure Leah Marceau, and of course Secretary Casey Quinn. They are all the best and work with me day in and day out to make me the Class President I am today.”

Q: What else does it take to be the person all your classmates see you as?

A: “I guess you’re asking me what it’s like on planet Billy Drummond and you know, it’s always sunny. I like to get involved a lot, really the reason behind that is that i want to be able to meet all sorts of people. I want to give myself the opportunity to meet as many different people as I can throughout high school.”       

Q: How will senior year differ from all the others?

A: “Coming into senior year we knew it would be more difficult with the amount of faculty changes, but my team and I were ready to take on the challenge. We were a lot more involved with planning the rallies and other important class events. The past few years we were not as involved because we were not seniors, but it’s really fun to be as involved as we are.”  

Q: What can the students and faculty expect this year and NAHS?

A: “The school can expect nothing but a great year. I know for the seniors, including myself, it’s the most exciting year yet. Along with that, it’s a very stressful time. My goal is to make it go as smoothly as possible for not only students, but teachers too.”

Being the class president is more than just being a good leader. Being able to connect with your peers and teachers is another huge role for the President. Class President Billy Drummond is not just known for his role as a class officer, but is also admired by many of his classmates.

Senior Jackson Billingkoff said, “Billy has always been such a great friend, and it’s great to watch him help our school build.”

Long time neighbor Lauren Dowd explained, “He [Billy] has shown leadership his whole life. When we were little he was always so kind and responsible, all the parents loved him.”

Billy Drummond shows leadership, kindness, and hard work all around NAHS. Our Class President has what it takes to take over the senior spotlight.    

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