Top 4 Local Hangout Spots for High School Students

north attleboro
Photo by Jack Conway Realtor  


by Ben Arrighi

Nowadays most adults assume kids don’t go out anymore. However, in North Attleboro this is not the case. Listed below are some of the most common hangouts in North Attleboro for high school students.


  1. The Junior Lot-

You would think that after being in school all day and week, the last place any high schooler would want to be is near a school. However, on most weekend nights everyone heads down to the junior lot to meet up, hang with their friends and play large games of basketball.

Senior Connor Maciver says,  “This place is great for everyone to hang out, play some ball and talk to their friends.” What makes the junior lot so special is that it is in the middle of the town and there is also plenty of parking for everyone to be included.


  1. Community Field-

North Attleboro takes its football tradition seriously. Community is one of the best places for a football team to play. The atmosphere is like no other; fans from North all gather around and watch their high school team take on numerous rivals. The Rowdy Crowd has a way of being part of the game. Their energy makes the players feel as though they have a 12th man on the field. Red Rocketeer Nathan Pearce stated, “ On Community Field the atmosphere is like no other place I have played.”


  1. Emerald Square Mall-

The mall is home to numerous high-end stores. On a rainy day in North Attleboro, this can be one of the busiest places in town. The mall features a family food court and a restaurant to make it easy to find yourself caught up all day.  New stores are constantly being added, giving shoppers access to the newest items. North Attleboro resident Matthew Mearn said, “Every Friday night me and friends go to the mall. We usually shop around for a little bit and then get food.”


  1.  World War One Park- World War One Park is one of North Attleboro’s most prized areas. The park features a place to go and see animals, a playground, and baseball and softball fields. At World War One, people go and bring their kids to go and feed the animals living at the park. It features a park area dedicated to Julia Cekala, who died in 2003 at the age of 9, and who always loved the park. Her mother then raised money to give her a piece of the park, which is now named “Julia’s Garden.” Brady Folan says, “I take my dog on a walk through the park everyday,it lets me get my mind off of things and enjoy the scenery.”


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