Benny’s Closing

by Zachary Gould

Bennys closing
This image was taken by WPRI Channel 12 News.


On September 8th, Benny’s announced that after 93 years of business, it would be closing their 31 stores by the end of the year.

Benny’s owner, Arnold Bromberg, claims that the cause of them going out of business is retail trends. He said, “The landscape of it shifted in a way that makes it almost impossible for a small, family-owned chains like Benny’s to compete with larger companies.”

According to, online retailers are a large part of why they are closing. Amazon provides free two-day shipping to their Prime account customers, which makes shopping online relatively fast and more convenient. They also have a wide variety to choose from their website from electronics, to clothing, and from sports equipment to food. This is where Benny’s has it’s trouble competing with Amazon and other online companies.              

Since the closing of Benny’s has been announced, a lot of people have vocalized their disappointment. Senior Aidan Harding said, “I went there a bit– I’m sad it’s closing, I bought my fishing pole, bait and my first bike (there). It was super cheap.”  

Former NAHS student and Rhode Island College freshman Nick Gould said, “It stinks that they closed. I didn’t go there a lot but when I needed something that was the first store I went to. I got my basketball there and my bait for fishing.”

While speaking with senior Jon Shultz he said, “ I really didn’t go there– I probably went there twice. When I did go I got a football and cheap candy.”

Benny’s has had trouble keeping their customers and this was acknowledge from Arnold Bromberg. According to The Taunton Gazette, Bromberg said that online retailers, “make it nearly impossible for small, family-owned chains like ours to reasonably compete moving forward.”  

Amazon and other online sites have been the cause of Benny’s closing, making it hard for them to compete. So after 93 years of business Benny’s will be closing its doors for good.

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