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by Ben Arrighi

On September 8,  the movie It was released. This follows the original story line by releasing the film in 2017, which is 27 years from when the original was made. In the book, Stephen King explains that “It” comes around every 27 years.

The movie is set in Derry, Maine and it tells the story of seven children taking on the horror that lives in the sewer, known as “It.” All throughout the film, new characters are brought in until they all form the “Losers Club.”

When I first saw this movie, there was a lot of hype around it, from myself and peers. It was said to be the best horror movie of 2017, and it lived up to the hype for the most part.  

The beginning of the movie made the audience feel very calm by starting in the main character, Billy’s, room with his little brother (Georgie). The director, Andrés Muschietti, did a good job foreshadowing that something bad was happening by adding the worst storm in that town’s history going on outside.

The location of a small town in Maine was one of the best locations for such a horror because no one would expect such a horror in a little town with such few people.  By the end of the movie I felt as if I knew where everything was in the town.

The plot of the movie was not very difficult to follow. There were seven main characters who all shared two common conflicts: their middle school bullies and “It.” The bullies showed the real fear that kids can face in their real life, which is more of the physical side of fear. “It” was the psychological warfare on the mind of the kids. This film relied on visual jump scares and anticipation to deliver its story the best way.

The end of the film ends with the seven kids coming together to help each other master their own fear and ultimately hurt “It.”

I ultimately believe that going to see It was worth the money. The movie gave me a bunch of jump scares, an easy story to follow and overall a fun Friday night.

The only thing I wish the movie changed would be the more comedic approach they took to it. I wish it was more of a horror that made you on alert even after the movie was over.

The ending shows that there will be another “It” coming out where the kids will come back when they are adults to finish their job, promising that It will be around for another generation.

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