image Pet of the Week

Lucas Foley

This week’s “Pet of The Week” is Tri-County senior Andrew Periera’s dog Max.

Max is a fourteen year old Bichon Frise.

Periera says, “Max is a very friendly dog, he always brings joy to the people around him.”

The Periera family got Max from a barn when he was just a puppy. He got his name because they got him for Christmas, so they named him after the dog from the Grinch.

Max has thick, cloudy fur that some would even describe as milky. He weighs a whopping twelve pounds and is very short.

Max has slowed down in recent years due to his old age and some medical problems, but when he was younger he was very active.

One thing that Max has always done is try and “sing” along with the piano in the Periera’s house.

“Max is always by my side and never fails to bring me joy. I hope one day I am able to get a Max of my own,” said dog enthusiast and long time friend of Max, senior Kyle Nelson.

“I met Max this summer and had many good times with him. I really enjoy relaxing outside with him,” said senior Jimmy Young.

Many people know and have had great experiences with Max. He continues to be a great member of the Periera family, even at 14 years old.

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