Rise in Minimum Wage

by Kyle Nelson

Across the United States and in North Attleboro, hourly workers and teenagers strive for the same thing: to raise minimum wage. Various adults across Massachusetts and a lot of our very own students would love to see the minimum wage rise.

Many of these workers believe they deserve a raise because they are often doing the unwanted jobs of today’s society.

“We work harder than you think,” said senior Andrew Fontaine, who is also an hourly employee at Stop and Shop. “ Over my year at working at Stop and Shop, there were countless shifts that were both mentally and physically tiring.”

While many students support a raise in minimum wage, some students don’t really mind their current wage.

Senior Ryan Penta, who works at the North Attleboro Shaw’s, said, “I don’t mind how much I’m paid considering it’s a minimum wage job, but I wouldn’t mind if it went up. I work enough hours a week to easily cover all of my expenses with left over money.”

On the other hand, many adults believe that the minimum wage should not be increased.

“Multiple times have workers at pizza places and fast food restaurants messed up my orders,” said Michael Nelson. “If they aren’t going to do their job correctly, why should they get paid more money?”  

Some other adults believe that if these workers do need more money, their bosses should take the initiative to make a change but not to all of the workers.

“ If they really need the money, they should just keep working their hardest and hope for a raise,” said Lisa Vidal. “Not every minimum wage worker deserves to get a raise.”

As the debate continues, only time will tell whether the Massachusetts State Government will raise the minimum wage or not.


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