Toys “R” Us Closing

by Zach DeMattio


Many childhoods across America are in danger of being annihilated, as Toys “R” Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 19th.

Believe it or not, the dawn of a new toy era is upon us. According to The Washington Post, “Toys ‘R’ Us has been spiraling toward bankruptcy for years as it failed to keep up with competitors.” In recent years, Toys “R” Us has faced competition from Amazon, along with chains such as Walmart and Target, which often offer the same toys for less money. The Post article also states the company’s annual sales have fallen for six years in a row, and last year it reported a loss of $29 million.

Toys “R” Us is going to have to make some major adjustments if they want to continue in the toy industry. Stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target have all made the adjustment to online shopping. The known toy store will have to step it up a notch to compete with these tech savvy stores.

Personally, I believe Toys “R” Us is in this position because technology has taken over. Kids nowadays don’t know the feeling of walking up and down the aisles of a toy store; instead, they only know the feeling of their finger on the mouse scrolling up and down the computer screen. The reality is, parents would rather shop online on websites such as Amazon. As efficient Amazon is, it will never let children experience the real feeling of being a kid.

A fellow journalist and senior Zack Gould has a 6-year-old little sister. When asked about her thoughts on Toys “R” Us, she responded, “I have never been.” This is an example on how consumer habits have changed, and helped to put Toys “R” Us off the map.

Although Toys “R” Us is in danger of closing, this is a time to reflect. Kids that grew up practically living in Toys “R” Us, including myself, have countless memories.

NAHS senior Sam Johnson says, “I bought my first bike there.”  

Chad Peterson says, “I’m not mad, just disappointed,” but was clearly holding back a lot of emotion.

Many teenagers now such as Julia Dakin would classify Toys “R” Us going bankrupt as: “childhood ruined.” The depressing news will soon become a reality if the people don’t realize how valuable Toys “R” Us is to the kids.

As Toys “R” Us threatens to leave the lives of Americans nationwide, there is nothing more than utmost respect for those involved in making Toys “R” Us a child’s dream. I wish online toy industries the best of luck trying to fill the very large shoes of America’s best toy store, Toys “R” Us.


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