Las Vegas Shooting


By Lucas Foley

On Sunday October 1st, tragedy struck in Las Vegas when a gunman opened fire at a country music festival. The gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, was located across from the festival on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort.

According to CNN, Paddock had 23 guns in his hotel room, with 12 of them modified to become automatic. There were also thousands of rounds of ammo found in the room.

The attack resulted in 58 deaths and over 550 injuries, and  is the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S history.             

This attack has brought a major focus on gun control. While some people are very passionate for either pro or anti gun control, many people are in the middle.

But the common question among all people on either side is, how can we stop shootings of innocent people?

A common concern with passing new laws is that they may restrict our rights.

“I think it is hard to make laws restricting guns because so many people value the personal freedom involved in owning guns,” said senior Chris Ferrigno.

Safer gun control is possible without even making new laws. We just need to take the stricter gun laws that are already set in place in states like Massachusetts and Connecticut and apply them to all states.

In addition to requiring an FID, Massachusetts also requires background checks for all firearm sales. Massachusetts also conducts separate background checks, beyond the federal NICS check, for all firearms according to Those are only two of 100 laws regarding firearms in Massachusetts. In contrast, the state with the most firearm deaths, Alaska, has only four laws regarding firearms and no background checks according to
“If the laws already exist in some states, why not just have all states follow them?” asked senior Nick Haddad.

An easy way to start preventing gun deaths is requiring all states to have background checks in order to purchase a gun. Requiring background checks is a very sensible thing to do and does not take away any liberties of law abiding citizens.

According to CBS, all of the states ranked in the top ten for number of gun deaths do not require background checks to purchase guns.

An easy step to take in preventing gun deaths is to have nationwide gun laws that require background checks and have all states follow stricter gun laws similar to Massachusetts.

It is impossible to completely stop gun violence, but we can take steps to limit the risk of gun violence while still respecting the rights of citizens.

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