Mock Accident

by Ben Pfeffer

Upperclassmen of NAHS went to a mock accident in the senior lot on Tuesday, October 3rd during their third and fourth period classes.

A combination of texting and intoxication caused the mock accident, which was put on by Ms. Foresgard’s theater group.

The North Attleboro Police Department, the North Attleboro Fire Department, and the Dyer-Lake Funeral Home were brought in as part of the 25 minute scene.

The drivers of the cars were seniors Alexander Rinaldi and Ahmad El-Zeftawy. In the scene, due to Rinaldi being under the influence and texting, he got into an accident with Ahmad El-Zeftawy’s sober car. A girl, played by Jillian Allen, flew out of the sober car onto the road and died.

Caleb Vargas portrayed Jillian’s boyfriend. Passengers in the car operating under the influence were students Jason Montes, Lorie Simonian, and Nicole Toppses while students Bailey Hobbs and Sarah Robinson were other passengers in the sober car.

Senior Kevin Martinez describes the moments after the accident as, “absolute chaos.” The cops showed up and everyone got out of the car and started arguing and screaming about the situation.

Robinson got trapped in the sober car and firefighters had to cut her out of it and put her into an ambulance.

Alexander Rinaldi being arrested by North Attleboro Police Officer Christian Grunwald. Photo from The Sun Chronicle.

Rinaldi was arrested for vehicular manslaughter, OUI charges, and texting while driving.

The Dyer-Lake Funeral Home sent a hearse to the scene. Jill was put into a body bag and put into the back of the hearse.

When the scene was over, students were brought into the gymnasium for speeches from Principal Haviland, a firefighter, and a police officer.

Principal Haviland’s speech was short, but effective. He stated, “What you saw this morning is what happens after poor judgment and bad choices. I understand now why a school would do this. You’re worth it. Your lives are worth it.”

After Principal Haviland spoke, he handed the microphone to the firefighter and police officer. They talked about the effects of drinking while driving and texting while driving and gave examples of incidents that they have seen in person that occurred due to operating under the influence or operating while texting.

Everyone involved did their best to make sure the students at North Attleboro High School don’t make bad decisions. Senior Rylee Pearce says, “After seeing that accident, there’s no way I would risk doing anything that could cause something like that.”

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