Patriots Struggling Secondary

Pats secondary

by Zachary Gould

After four games into the season, the Patriots are ranked last in the league for defense. They have let up an average of 456.8 yards per game. In four games, they have allowed 129 points and now have a 2-2 record. They are ranked third in their division behind the Bills and the Jets.

After a heartbreaking 33-30 loss to the Carolina Panthers, free safety Devin McCourty said about the defense: “It’s bad. We’re letting the team down.”

Communication has been the main issue in the defense.The Patriots’ newly-signed corner back Stephon Gilmore said, “We’ve got to get better on the communication, I’ve got to get better on the communication.”

Gilmore had two hands to the face penalties and two blown coverages. With under 2 minutes to go, Gilmore had a hand to the face penalty that set up the Panthers kicker Graham Gano to kick the game winning field goal.

While speaking with senior Matt Mearn he said, “They have been historically bad, but I am surprised they are ranked last in the league.” The Pats had poor defenses over the last 10 years, but they have an offensive powerhouse that has saved them.

Sophomore Andy DeMattio said, “The secondary has gotten a lot of the criticism, I think the front needs to pressure the quarterback better because it’s difficult to cover for a long period of time.”

According to The Patriots’ website, the Patriots have let up an average of 105.5 rushing yards a game. As for the secondary, they have let up an average of 253.7 passing yards a game.

Despite being last in the league, safety Devin McCourty still has is optimistic the Patriots will succeed by stating, “The only thing we could do was keep practicing and keep playing and keep pushing forward to get it turned around. That is the only thing you can do is to keep working at it and keep doing things and if you’re trying one thing and that is not working then try something else. We’re going to continue to do that and keep trying to get it better. I think we all know in the secondary that we have to get it it better.”

After Thursday nights win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-14, the Patriots’ defense showed some strides in the right direction last night. The Patriots let up a total of 409 yards which is better than 456.8 which was their average for the first four games. This may not be a huge jump, but it shows signs of improvement that will help Patriots succeed in the long run.

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