School Uniforms: What’s the Point?

by Samantha Gaskin
At the Isca Academy in England, the school dress code prohibits boys from wearing shorts to school with a “no shorts policy.” According to The Guardian, with the temperature soaring to an 86 degrees this pass week, the boys at the academy protested the “no shorts policy” by wearing skirts. In the end, they were not able to change the dress code, but the protest spread and now other institutions are facing the same problem with uniforms.
Although NAHS does not have school uniforms, they do have a dress code. Certain things such as brands or sayings that promote drugs are not allowed, and clothing also is to be worn in an appropriate and non-offensive manner.
With various opinions about the dress code at NAHS. School uniforms have come up every now and then with the question should we switch. Here are some thoughts students had on school uniforms.
Many students believe that uniforms suppress a student’s right to express him or herself. North junior Owen Nassaney said, “If we did have uniforms, students wouldn’t be able to express themselves if everyone is wearing the same clothes.”
Some students don’t mind the idea of school uniforms. NAHS senior Tess Coscarella said,  “ I don’t mind the idea of school uniforms as long as they are cute because it would make getting ready in the morning easier.”
Some people see the practical side of uniforms, including students who currently attend schools where uniforms are mandatory.
Former NAHS student and junior at Williston Northampton school Hunter Sarro has a dress code of khakis and a collared shirt tucked in.
“I don’t mind it,” he said. “It’s one of the only schools that don’t have a shirt and tie everyday. Also it’s not bad at all when everyone is dressing the same way. It’s also not bad dressing up nicely everyday.”
Senior at Bishop Feehan High School Laith Alyacoub said, “Personally, I hate uniforms. I can’t really express myself and our uniforms are pretty uncomfortable, but in the end I don’t have to sit there in the morning and choose what to wear- it’s the same thing everyday.”
For the time being, switching to uniforms won’t be a problem anytime soon at NAHS.



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