Senior Spotlight:Matt Tarantino, Local Track Star

by Ben Arrighi

Photo by

Matthew Ryan Tarantino is a senior graduating in the spring. He plays Track for the North Attleboro High School Team. Matt has been voted both Winter and Spring captain, he has broken the pentathlon school record during his junior season. Matt does multiple events in track such as, hurdles, javelin, 400m and shot put. I interviewed Matt on his high school sports and academic accomplishments through high school.

Q: What made you begin Track and Field?

A: I started in middle school and then I realized that I was kind of good at it, so I decided to see what I could do in high school.


Q: Who has been your role model growing up?

A: My dad has always been the person I look up to, he was a track star back in high school so I realized how much I wanted to be like him.


Q: What schools have you talked to about track?

A: I have talked to the Villanova coach, Umass Amherst coach and many other colleges have talked to me, but I haven’t been interested in most of them.


Q: What do you hope to take away from senior year when you graduate?

A: When I graduate I hope to be remembered as a good student and a even better athlete. I want my name to fill the school records by the time I graduate.


Q: What is your typical day out of school?

A: My typical day out of school is typically me hanging out with my girl, then I usually head to church followed by a nice home cooked meal after I get all my homework done.


Q: What impact do you want your track career to have on this school and your future college?

A: I want to be the best in every event I do, and as for college I hope to run division one and continue to set records everywhere I go.

Being a student athlete can be so difficult because you have to excel at high level of academics and perform your best in a meet. Matt is known around the school for being the kid that does it all. Richard Tarantino,Matt’s father, stated, “ My boy has shown at a young age that he can deal with a lot of adversity and perform under all kinds of pressure, so I know he will do great on his own in the future.”

Matt has showed his teachers how hard of a worker he is and his coaches the true meaning of a student athlete. Gareth King stated “ Matt is absolute stud on the track and just as good of kid off it.” Matt Tarantino has what it takes to pursue track for as long as he wants. High school has helped him build the qualities for success in his sporting and academic career.

Jerry Espinosa, Matt’s personal trainer,  said, “ I have no doubt in my mind that Matt will kill it in the next level, it’s amazing to see how far he’s come from the last few years.”


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