Should The US Nuke North Korea ?

by  Kevin Martinez

In recent months, tensions have increased between the US and North Korea. According to CNN, during a speech at the UN last tuesday, Donald Trump referred to North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, as ”Rocket Man.” This insult reflects the recent tension and hatred between the two countries.

Trump wants to impose sanctions on North Korea due to their human rights violations, according to The New York Times. North Korea recently launched nuclear missiles into the Pacific Ocean, and are threatening to drop their biggest bomb yet. Both Trump and Kim Jong Un have threatened to destroy each other. Some people have speculated that both leaders may use nuclear weapons if the situation escalates, and a nuclear or cold war could occur if relations get out of hand.

Senior J.D Moulson says that North Korea is a major threat to the U.S.

“We need to destroy them now, before they attack us.” He also called Jong-Un “insane,” and believes he was unfit to be leader.

Geoff Wilson agrees: “Nuke them,” he said when asked about the situation.  “I hate Kim Jong Un.”

The majority of the country that was polled disagrees with Moulson and Wilson. A Washington Post poll found that approximately two-thirds of Americans oppose a preemptive strike on the country. Many people feel the US should wait until they are attacked and only act in self defense.

Another concern is that the US could alienate other


 countries with an attack, says Fox News. China is a major trading partner with the US, and is one of the few countries to have friendly relations with North Korea. An attack c
ould result in an economic crisis back home.

The coming months will be critical for the two countries, and the fate of the world is at stake.

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