The Ball Family

by James Young

One of the most famous families in basketball today is none other than the Ball family. There are five members: Lonzo, 19, Liangelo, 18, Lamelo, 16, and the two parents, Lavar and Tina. The Ball family has been in the news for their accomplishments, TV appearances, their expensive company brand, and for the many outrageous things Lavar Ball has said.

Lonzo Ball is the oldest child of the Ball family and the first to make it into the NBA, after being drafted second overall by the Lakers in June. He has generated lots of buzz, from his outspoken father, to his rap and his signature shoes. Some believe that he is the favorite to bring home the Rookie Of The Year award at the conclusion of the season. Over the summer, Lonzo led the young Lakers to a summer league championship. He was dubbed the summer league MVP following the tournament.

prime remix
Lonzo’s ZO2 Prime Remix, from the Big Baller Brand website

In addition to his game, Lonzo has two shoes that are available for purchase. The first signature shoe is the ZO2 Prime Remix. The Remix is the lightest shoe in basketball and uses next generation foam, according to the Big Baller Brand website. They are only $495.00 and you can order them signed for an additional $500.00. 

The middle Ball brother is Liangelo Ball. He is regarded by some as the forgotten son because people consider him to be the worst basketball player of the three brothers. He was a very good high school basketball player, lettered all four years and averaged 33.8 points his senior year, according to the UCLA Bruins website.

Many don’t think that he will be able to make it into the NBA. However, Bishop Feehan senior Laith Alyacoub, disagrees. He said, “Liangelo Ball is easily the most underrated Ball brother; he doesn’t get nearly enough credit.”

Lamelo Ball is the youngest of the Ball brothers. Currently he is ranked number seven of the 2019 graduating class and committed to UCLA when he was just thirteen. Lamelo is most known for his 92-point high school game in February. Lamelo has signature shoes for sale for $395.00 through the family’s company. However, the shoes could affect his NCAA eligibility because athletes are not allowed to make money off endorsements while in college. Some wonder if Lamelo will still go to college after his father, Lavar, announced his son was dropping out of high school to train for the next two years.

Possibly the most well-known family member is the father Lavar Ball. He made it onto the NBA2k18 My Career game mode, First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Sports Nation, a CBS interview, as well as on Ellen, and others. He has called out Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James, saying that he could easily beat them in a 1v1 or a 2v2 with their respective sons. Lavar played Division 2 college basketball but only averaged 2.2 points a game (sports reference). However, that doesn’t have any affect on his rather large ego.

Lavar has consistently made his voice heard and everyone has their own opinions on him. Senior Liberty Nank had nothing good to say: “He [Lavar] is arrogant and a know-it-all,” she said. “The entire family is over rated and receive too much hype. I feel bad for his sons.”

Conversely, senior Max Fontes praised Lavar’s business. He said, “Lavar is a brilliant business man, he was able to grow his company really well.”

Love him or hate him, he does have plenty of faith in his sons making it in the NBA, as well as the success of his sports company, Big Baller Brand.

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